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Senior Level Recruiting

Startups and expanding businesses alike often have insufficient senior management and key employees to deliver on business plan promises.  Investors do not expect a “one man band” but rather seek a team approach even if it means consulting or professional support for smaller business ventures.  Timing is everything, and you don’t necessarily have to have your complete team established to get a plan funded as long as you are committed to adding defined management staff from expected project funding, with funding sometimes committed as such, and many investors wanting to “sign off” on key management additions.  Nonetheless, this is a relative statement depending on the size or scope of the plan.  See more information under Executives and Key Employees.

There are various ways to add to your team, sometimes offering a limited equity position that must be earned by performance for a key executive that adds needed credibility and expertise. If you have the capital or can convey the likelihood of a pending hiring, then you may hire that key employee with promise of salary and bonuses.

We know how to find the right team members.  Ask us for more information.

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